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An Unusual Solution

Trendy? Functional? BOTH

It is a funny thing about trends. Many of them start as simply a solution.

One of the more interesting trends we are seeing this fall is the installation of vinyl under a deck. Most of us love our decks and just accept that the area beneath them has to be ugly. We plant flowers to hide it. We install lattice to block the view. Both, however, require maintenance and block us from using the area for outdoor storage. Where there is a problem there is a solution: installing vinyl siding fixes both issues.

You have outdoor toys – hoses, pool accessories, gardening supplies, yard tools. They are usually safe to be left outdoors – but a safe and lockable place to secure them out of sight is sure nice. Lattice doors are flimsy and our supplies are still visible. In this application, we were able to make a strong door that blends in with the panel and include a lockable gate closure.


The siding in this application is maintenance free and creates a huge area for outdoor storage!  It will allow this homeowner to enjoy more of their property without the constant upkeep.

You can chose a color to match or to make a statement!

An added bonus – it is beautiful!


These are the types of projects we love – bring us your problem and let us come up with a stylish and functional solution.  Let us help you start a trend!

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