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Licensing: Bill comes one step closer

A bill requiring that roofers meet minimum qualifications to protect homeowners has had a favorable reception with lawmakers so far.  The bill establishes a board that would oversee and license roofers.  The details of licensing requirements are yet to be determined, but at a minimum roofers would be required to have insurance, a performance bond, […]

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Vinyl Siding: Investment Property ROI

Vinyl Siding: Investment Property ROI Starting Point: When a small rental property in the Louisville area needed some repair, the owner, an experienced real estate agent, called the team she could trust.  When we first arrived to inspect the home, it was obvious that there were hail marks all over the vinyl siding and metal […]

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Gutters & Downspouts

The Basics: We all know that the basic function of gutters is to carry rainwater from the roof to the ground and away from the foundation.  It isn’t a lot more complicated than that – as long as everything is in good order. When problems do arise and gutters need attention many homeowners don’t know where to start.  When […]

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Storm Damage

Many in our area had damaging flooding in this past weekend’s storms. When the worst of the winds and rain hit our area, I personally saw several shingles tear from the roof of a business on Dixie Highway as I sat at a red light!  If you need immediate service call us now, we will tarp […]

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An Unusual Solution

Trendy? Functional? BOTH It is a funny thing about trends. Many of them start as simply a solution. One of the more interesting trends we are seeing this fall is the installation of vinyl under a deck. Most of us love our decks and just accept that the area beneath them has to be ugly. We […]

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Insulation: What you DON’T know can cost a fortune!

Insulation Basics: According to research by the US Department of Energy, the proper amount of insulation can pay dividends for you AND the environment: Insulating a home provides several benefits. The primary benefit is savings on the cost of heating and cooling the home. Up to 70 percent of the energy used in an average American […]

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