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Vinyl Siding: Investment Property ROI

Before Vinyl Siding Replacement

Before Vinyl Siding Replacement

Vinyl Siding: Investment Property ROI

Starting Point:

When a small rental property in the Louisville area needed some repair, the owner, an experienced real estate agent, called the team she could trust.  When we first arrived to inspect the home, it was obvious that there were hail marks all over the vinyl siding and metal work.  The white metal work was faded, the gutters were leaking and downspouts were nearly rusted out.  The aluminum siding house was dimpled with hail marks from storms over a year prior.


The neighborhood is home to young professionals in well-maintained older homes with a mix of brick and vinyl siding.  It was important to make the home look neat and tidy while keeping the colors and product selections in line with the rest of the area.  The homeowner decided on a palate of contrasting neutrals – lighter tan vinyl siding with bright white metal trim and black accents.  Several homes in the neighborhood were for sale, and it was important to earn a return on the investment.

Maintaining the uprights as a style point allow the home to stand out and frames the entryway nicely.  The homeowner chose to wrap the metal around the fascia, uprights, and windows in a clean bright white.  They chose a vinyl siding that is thicker and more durable as an alternative to aluminum which can dent.  The CertainTeed Monogram 46 vinyl siding line was a perfect choice.  Available in “Dutch Lap” and Straight styles and in a variety of colors, our homeowner chose the Dutch lap style in Savannah Wicker.   Keeping the black accents made the home feel grounded.

Vinyl Siding replacement is complete

The End Result is Amazing

Clean Up:

As with many older neighborhoods, the homes are close together and on narrow streets.  Our crews worked diligently to protect the landscaping of all the homes and to keep the debris to a minimum.  The old aluminum siding was removed and hauled away, as were the gutters. A magnet sweep collected smaller shavings of metal, and our crews removed all vinyl siding debris as well.

The siding installation went smoothly and was able to be completed in two days.  We reset the mailbox, house numbers, and exterior light.  The overall project is beautiful and successful!  Many neighbors slowed down to look and comment on the house as work was being performed.  This homeowners property is now fresh and full of curb appeal!

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