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How long ago was that last big hail storm in Louisville?

How long ago was that last big hail storm in Louisville?time passing

If you are like most of us, time tends to pass more quickly than you realize.  We get distracted and even very important tasks take a back seat to the everyday emergencies.  Just this week, we had a client who would have sworn that the “big hail storm” was just a couple of months ago.  In fact, there was a large hail event in Louisville 10 months ago, and another about 22 months ago.  This client know that she had damage from the storm, and even had a leak in her home due to missing shingles.  She was well aware of the dangers of putting off this type of maintenance, but had been distracted and had not made the call to us until this week.

To her surprise, though, she did not have to take very much time at all to get the process underway.  We were able to come and inspect her roof, and advise her of the damage that was present.  She made one additional call to set up a meeting with insurance company, and the process was smoothly underway.  We file all the documentation with the insurance company on behalf of the client and give the homeowner peace of mind.

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