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Licensing: Bill comes one step closer

A bill requiring that roofers meet minimum qualifications to protect homeowners has had a favorable reception with lawmakers so far.  The bill establishes a board that would oversee and license roofers.  The details of licensing requirements are yet to be determined, but at a minimum roofers would be required to have insurance, a performance bond, engage in continuing education, and register with a database that will allow for follow up if an issue with their work should arise.  These represent a significant step forward for the industry.  In Louisville, complaints against roofers/roofing companies have risen sharply.  Licensing roofers aims to curb that trend.

Cervices is an accredited member of the BBB as well as a certified roofing contractor with KRCA (the Kentucky Roofing Contractors Association).  We are insured and bonded as well.  We welcome the opportunity to call ourselves “Licensed” as well.

While we are against regulation simply for regulations sake, so far this bill seems to focus on the protection of the consumer rather than the creation of more bureaucracy….and we are in support of roofer licensing.  Other home services have similar licensing requirements for the purpose of improving the trade and protecting the homeowner.  Roofing should be no different.

Even if the bill is not “perfect” it will serve to deter shoddy, fly-by-night roofers and scam artists.  Homeowners deserve that protection!



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