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Storm Damage

Many in our area had damaging flooding in this past weekend’s storms. When the worst of the winds and rain hit our area, I personally saw several shingles tear from the roof of a business on Dixie Highway as I sat at a red light!  If you need immediate service call us now, we will tarp your roof to prevent further damage while insurance is consulted.

Trees and debris littered many roads, and shingles were torn from many homes and businesses. It is FAR better to have damage inspected BEFORE the leak appears. We have more rains in the forecast – and unrepaired damage may result in water penetration into the home, damage to drywall, and ugly water spots.  Storm damage can be assessed and repaired quickly.

We have the lowest repair minimum in the area and will work with your insurance company to manage your claims paperwork.  Call us today: (502)749-7663!

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